Armstrong’s continuing his grand apology tour.  He recently met with his former soigneur Emma O’Riley, who was one of the firsts to speak out about doping on the USPS Team.  Much to my surprise she’s actually upset about Armstrong being the face of this doping war.  And despite all the harm Armstrong has done to her, she is meeting with him to encourage the sport to move on from Armstrong and root out the problem’s many other facets like corruption in the governing body and other big teams.

While I still resent Armstrong for the lie he sold us, I am refreshingly impressed by Emma’s display of grace.  To meet with and forgive someone who threatened to destroy your livelihood is beyond impressive.  It’s a complete denial of self that we all as humans need to learn to be more willing to do.

I think one of the most profound things I’ve learned when studying grace and forgiveness is that forgiveness is not for the one who wronged you.  Emma talked a lot about needing and seeking closure.  Forgiveness for her, and as it should be for all of us, is about healing our soul.  We forgive so that we no longer have to hold that burden of needing justice and revenge for the one that wronged us.  Forgiveness releases us from the prison of fear that begrudging a person creates.  Emma is now free of that, and I applaud her for that.

To read more about Lance and Emma’s interactions check out the interview on DailyMail.CO.UK.

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